Sunday, June 26, 2011


Will be going on my first trip out of the USA this week, and plan on writing alot during the trip. Because of this, I somehow decided to start a poetry blog so I could document my writing somewhere else than my notebook or hard drive. The last trip I went on I wrote alot, but don't think the blogosphere had reached me yet. So here's one to start I wrote tonight that has nothing to do with anything....


I just learned the meaning of polysyndeton

And she told me I am not and was not and will not be a poet

And for the first time

I believed her

She was a sweet charade of lights

Blinking in and out and not noticing the burden of my eyes

But the lightness of my words

And I got carried away

For the first time and for the last time

The last book I read was not as I intended it

But I tore out the pages and cut out the sentences

And reassembled them on black paper

And word by word she led me on and on

And paragraphs can bleed

Believe me

And ampersands need a reason to keep on & on

But me

I need a reason to piece back together this story

And it can’t be polysyndeton

I never made a friend with punctuation

But then again I never made a friend with words

I never made a friend

And then again this sentence never ends

And this ampersand is back again

This ampersand that never ends

And never ends

& this ampersand

And on & on & on again

I just learned the meaning of polysyndeton

& I just got carried away again