Friday, July 1, 2011

Black Hair

The girl in front of me has the black hair I’ve been waiting for

That she must have died red at some point

The girl in front of me

Who just got in the van

She keeps turning her head

Only slightly to the corners of her eyes

She smells like strawberry shampoo

The water bottle is half full

Shaking with the van

Skipping over union central

Dry ice and gravel

I haven’t seen her eyes

But I know they must be brown

Though her green shirt may lift them

If only slightly

We picked her up in Chinatown

Where the bricks are painted gray and brown

And spray painted red

Reflecting billboards and cars

Someone left their signature

And how to reach them

Wanted for attempted murder at Dodger stadium

She has a little too much make up on

And tilts her hear back

Towards the pink buildings in the purple sky

Her hair folds over the back of her seat

She’s wearing a double watch

The buildings turn to red

Passing a topless bar

And stacked garbage bags onto the highway and on to the airport

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