Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On To Something

European cigarettes are much stronger

On a river that pours out beneath me

Like frozen smoke melting in the sun

Quite loudly

Even and odd have different meanings

And the tall ceilings tell me I should call you


And I got an hour at least

Before I have to fight the urge to walk outside beneath the black stars

That I stole from some song I must have heard on the plane

Walking around in circles

Any other day could have been rain

But not today and not yesterday

European sunsets are much longer

On a river that tries to defeat me

Depending on how you look at it

It can be unrelenting

But I think I’m on to something

When I say and think and know

That this red stain is not blood on my shirt cuff

But wine from a plastic cup

Beading thin tonight

But lighter than I would have expected

Or put these mirrored coins on

If I had a chance

And I almost saw you in the mirror

And I know you are asleep

And I know I should be but honestly this smoke is new to me

And it keeps me up with my silvered cup

And my coffee stained shirt sleeves

From this morning

I might dip this cigarette in this wine

Because it’s not strong enough tonight

And I think I’m on to something

When I say I might

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